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What We Do

We introduce people to the healing presence of Jesus so they will have life-changing encounters with God and experience true freedom in their lives.



We seek to help you encounter Jesus through personal prayer appointments and various times of corporate prayer.



We offer in-person and online classes in physical and inner healing, featuring local and international teachers and leaders.


We partner with area hospitals and healing institutions by creating trained, trustworthy prayer teams to augment existing ministries.


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I recently met with the prayer partners at Christ Healing Center with little to nothing on my heart that was concerning me but wanted to experience the prayer time with devoted believers.  The gentle question, "What does Jesus want to say to you today?" opened up a deep issue that I really thought I had reconciled.  Surprise, surprise!  Jesus knows our heart. :).The prayer time was amazing as I heard directly from Jesus.  His gentleness never fails to disarm me and fill me with peace.  That is what this encounter brought to me.  The prayer partners exuded grace and love without intrusion or advice, only encouragement, total privacy and assurances that all would stay within the walls to protect me and my story. I humbly encourage all to avail themselves of this wonderful prayer time.  You will not only never regret it, but it even may change your life!

Lovingly submitted,