In 2012, Reverend Jack and Anna Marie Sheffield, founders of Christ Healing Center, San Antonio, were asked by Rev. Eric Fenton to hold a Healing Conference at Grace Episcopal Church in Cuero, Texas.

Jeannie Duderstadt

Jeannie Duderstadt

After the conference, Jeannie Duderstadt and Linda Miller, life long residents of Cuero, and many others from the Cuero community began working with Jack and Anna Marie to open a prayer center in Cuero. “We need that kind of presence-centered healing ministry here in Cuero”, they agreed.

In December of 2015, Christ Healing Center Cuero opened its doors at 1117 N. Esplanade.  A team of approximately 25 people from Cuero, Karnes City, and Gonzales, Texas trained to pray with people effectively and gently, helping those being prayed for to experience the presence of Jesus Christ and begin a deeper relationship with Him.  Out of that training God birthed three ministries.  Christ Healing Center Cuero is currently offering prayer at its center and continues training.  We are also partnered with Cuero Regional Hospital offering prayer in the Hamilton-Wallis Chapel for patients, staff, doctors, family members, caregivers and community members.  


The volunteers from Gonzales that trained at CHC Cuero have partnered with the Gonzales Community Hospital offering prayer for their patients, staff, doctors, family members, caregiver and community members.  They are currently training volunteers to pray at the local nursing homes as well.

The volunteers from Karnes City that trained at CHC Cuero (and CHC San Antonio) have now opened up Healing Hearts Ministries in the old Otto-Kaiser Hospital offering prayer appointments and continued training of volunteers.  They also offer prayer for the patients, staff doctors, family members and caregivers in the new hospital.

We all look forward to serving our communities over the next several years, offering healing prayer to hurting people, watching Jesus bring them into wholeness and then training them to give away what Jesus has so freely given to them.




Linda Miller


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